Pressure mounts on accused girlfriend killer … as two families come to terms with loss of loved one

05 Aug 2018 17:50pm

The pressure continues to build up overwhelmingly against Elvis Meize who stands accused for the murder of his girlfriend which followed what has been said to be an abusive relationship.

Meize had to deal with his uncle’s daunting testimony, who in spite of the respect and love he said he had for him as a family man, had to tell the truth of what transpired on the day his girlfriend’s body was found in his shack at Erf 6472 in Katutura.  

Another witness, 59-year-old Manfred Murirua despite having a condition of high blood pressure stood in court to testify that indeed, Meize’s girlfriend, Vaanda Tjihuiko had made it clear at a family meeting that she wanted the relationship with her boyfriend ended.

Murirua told the court last week that the deceased was his wife’s sister and the meeting of elders had to be called given the problems between the two lovers which were no secret to their families. 

He testified that even when Tjihuiko showed up for the meeting she had broken teeth and a swollen face which she said was as a result of being assaulted by her boyfriend.

In a testimony, the boyfriend’s uncle, Ngurimuje Meize who also happens to be a polished journalist by profession with experience in the teaching field, admitted that inspite of the abuse, Tjihuiko never gathered courage to report her boyfriend to the police because she didn’t want him arrested. 

Inspite of the show of sympathy on her part, this did not stop the relationship from further going downhill until her body was found in bad shape and already smelling. 

“It was not a good relationship, it was abusive. They fought. Sometimes the deceased could come home and tell us that she was beaten but the accused at the family meeting said he loved his girlfriend and wouldn’t beat her anymore and wanted the relationship to continue,” said the elderly Murirua in his testimony.  

However, the defence council represented by lawyer Milton Engelbrecht tried hard to water down Murirua by showing to him that what he was telling the court was not in line with what was captured in the police report.

He put it to him that instructions from his client were that he had come to the accused’s house together with the deceased holding a one liter of Castelo and Black Label. 

It was not clear though whether the lawyer was trying to connect that with the accused’s version that the deceased had fallen on a sharp object while she was drunk after she had attempted to assault him. 

However, Murirua said he only met the accused in bars and never saw the need to ever come to his house before asking the lawyer not to ask him too many questions because he had BP. 

He also took offence at how the police who took his statement never bothered to read it back to him before he could nail his signature and he said he stood by his account. 

The murder trial has been an emotional one as the accused’s family are faced with reaching out to their own but at the same time having to stand true to what they know about the death of their loved one.

Speaking to The Villager anonymously, one of them did strongly indicate that they are standing for the cause of country and society at large, truly understanding that Gender Based Violence is a serious demon that is almost overpowering the nation. 

“It is quite difficult that the state continues to defeat itself in this fight because we continue to pay for lawyers who defend these perpetrators,” said the member after last week’s court hearing. 

Speaking in court, Meize’s uncle who also raised him until he was grown, indicated that his nephew always had an air of respect and non-violence about him and that he does not remember any time that they both were angry with each other.

He said it thus came as a shock when he told him that he had murdered his girlfriend and at one time he broke down and wept.  

The trial continues.