PDM to launch ‘One Namibian, One Plot’ policy

02 Aug 2018 17:40pm
RUNDU, 02 AUG (NAMPA) – The Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) plans to launch a ‘One Namibian, One Plot’ policy in the coming weeks to address and push for urban land resettlement.
This was made public by PDM’s President, McHenry Venaani during his visit to Ncuma road on Monday, where some residents of Rundu have been camping in a plea to seek audience with the Rundu Town Council over the issuing of residential plots.
Asked to expand on the said policy on Tuesday, Venaani said its main purpose is to gain land resettlement for people living in urban areas who do not have land to live on.
He said people living on urban land should be resettled in the same manner as that of farm resettlements.
Venaani said his party’s election manifesto for the 2014 presidential and national elections talked about urban land resettlement, noting that Namibia has arable land where Namibians can own a plot just like in the farm resettlement programme.
“How is it possible that people in small countries with large populations, like England, can own houses compared to Namibia with a small population?” Venaani asked.
He said: “We must bring urban resettlement just like we are giving farms for free. We must also start giving plots for free.”
The official opposition party leader said needy Namibians who earn less than N.dollars 2 000 a month and who are over the age of 21 must get one plot whether in Rundu, Windhoek or elsewhere in the country, because Namibia is big and can afford to give every Namibian land to live on.
“We can’t have urban land hunger and commercial hunger at the same time. It is not possible that people cannot own a plot to live on in their country of birth. Even young professionals cannot afford to buy a house as house prices are sky high,” reiterated Venaani.
He said he travelled all the way from Windhoek to Rundu to air his views that it is no longer acceptable for foreign and Chinese nationals to own land in Namibia, while the people born here do not own land and are fighting for land to live on.