Man who locked dead girlfriend’s body in a shack charged with murder

31 Jul 2018 14:30pm

A 41-year-old Katutura male has been dragged in the Windhoek High court facing a charge of murdering his girlfriend and locking her body up in his shack.

Elvis Meize pleaded not guilty to the charge and that of obstructing the course of justice by hiding the knife he used to murder Vaanda Tjihuiko between the 23rd and 30th of September 2016 at Erf 6472 in Katutura.

It is the state’s case that Meize intentionally killed Tjihuiko by stabbing he with a knife which he hid and later texted friends and relatives pretending to be the deceased claiming to be in Walvis bay and that she had found a new boyfriend.

A close family relative who grew up with the accused from when he was just six months old and also raised him, Ngurimuje Meize, a journalist by profession took to the witness box and told the court that he had admitted to him that he had murdered his girlfriend.

The accused happened to be his sister’s son who was raised up by his own mother, the witness told the court.

“We grew up together and he came home when he was just six months old. He stayed at my mother’s house in Erf 6472 Katutura where he built his shack there,” said Ngurimuje.

He said that he paid a visit to the Erf where the accused was staying with his sister whereupon he was met by a horrible smell which the sister said they had been battling with for some time.

The accused had earlier claimed that the smell was caused by his girlfriend who had defecated in a “night-pot” and by the time Ngurimuje arrived, the deceased had not been seen around for four days.

The witness also told court that there had been reports of the accused having beaten his girlfriend who had refused to report him to the police not wanting him to be arrested, the court heard.

“I asked where is Elvis? They said he is not here and I said go and call him but do not tell him I am here. When he came I said brother what is going on? He immediately told me the smell is the smell of my girlfriend. I stabbed and killed her.”

“It was a big shock. I told myself to be clam. I asked why did you not inform the authorities and he said give me a day. I realised if I acted harshly I will escalate his ideas and I told him to inform the authorities,” he narrated.

He said he later informed the police on his own which assisted to track down a taxi he had boarded after having asked for N$20 to buy cigarettes.

When they arrived back to his shack, Ngurimuje said when they opened it, the smell was horrible with lots of flies while four police departments had already arrived on the scene.

It is the witness’ account that the accused had not told him why he stabbed the deceased.

Instead, the accused has blamed the death on her girlfriend whom he said was under the influence of alcohol and wanted to attack him from the back with a sharp object.

Through he council, Milton Engelbrecht, he said that he recalled blocking the attack, his girlfriend falling on the bed and screaming.

He also denied telling his relative that he had murdered her but attempted to, via a text message alert him of her death.