Venaani asks Rundu Town Council leadership to serve its people

31 Jul 2018 15:10pm
RUNDU, 31 JUL (NAMPA) – The President of the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM), McHenry Venaani has appealed to the leadership of the Rundu Town Council to serve its people.
Venaani made the request to the Swapo Party-dominated council during a visit to Ncuma road on Monday, where some Rundu residents have been camping, waiting to be addressed by the council and hoping to be given residential plots.
The group, calling themselves ‘landless residents’, attempted to grab land near the road located east of Rundu, two weeks ago.
Venaani said although he does not support taking land by force, he also does not support authorities standing idle about people’s plight of land.
“When you are elected into office, you are elected to serve the people and if the people are crying, you must come to where they are crying,” said the leader of the opposition party.
He said he was surprised that the leadership of the region did not go to the protest spot to engage the residents, asking what they were afraid of, or whether their security was at stake.
Venaani added that he sympathised with the people of Rundu, just as he is in solidarity with the people of Kabbe, Lwanyanda in Katima Mulilo, Tsumeb and everywhere else in Namibia where there are landless people.
When the group attempted to demarcate plots for themselves recently, Rundu Mayor Verna Sinimbo tried to address them, but they became angry and the police were called in to restore order.
A week later, the council wrote to representatives of the group inviting them to meet to resolve the matter, but the group refused to adhere to the council’s request and asked the council to address them at the location alongside the road.
Responding to this, Sinimbo told Nampa as leaders of the town, council agreed to meet with the group, but the council “cannot be pushed left and right” as it represents the masses.
She said although the group is part of the masses, they should start respecting authority.