Four police officers arrested for Gender Based Violence

30 Jul 2018 14:40pm

The Namibian Police arrested four police officers who have been charged with assaulting or threatening to assault their partners over the weekend.

On Friday a police constable was arrested and charged with common assault after he allegedly assaulted his wife at Club Indaba at Koes.

On the same day, a police inspector was arrested and charged with assault through threatening. The officer allegedly threatened to kill his wife and expose her on social media. He was arrested at Roman Catholic Hospital.

On Saturday, a police constable allegedly assaulted his pregnant girlfriend. He was arrested at the Mariental State Hospital Nurses Home and charged with assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, of his 8 month pregnant girlfriend.

The police in Windhoek on the same day arrested a police warrant at Katutura’s Single Quarters for allegedly assaulting his friend and daughter and threatening to kill them.

Six other cases of gender based violence involving civilians were reported over the weekend, the police said.

Police spokesperson, Edwin Kanguatjivi in a press statement said, “the public may have been suffering in silence but following last week’s incident involving police officer murdering his girlfriend and turning the gun on himself, there seem to be a realization to report matters of Gender Based Violence to the police. An indication that no one is above the law even police officer can be arrested and charged.”