Council will not twist laws to suit certain people: Sinimbo

30 Jul 2018 15:00pm
By Petrus Muronga
RUNDU, 30 JUL (NAMPA) – Rundu Mayor, Verna Sinimbo said the town council will not twist laws to suit certain groups or individuals in matters that are guided by its rules and regulations.
Sinimbo said this in an interview with Nampa after some individuals who call themselves “landless residents” attempted to grab land located along the Ncuma road east of Rundu last week.
These residents vowed to erect shacks at the said location until the Rundu Town Council gives them land. They said the council does not want to hear their pleas of lack of living space, an issue that has been dragging on since last year.
However, Sinimbo said it is important for the council to stick to what the laws stipulate as it is guided by rules and regulations and cannot undo these laws to suit some people.
“Our position is that we have procedures in place that say you have to apply if you want land and some of them have done so and we have their applications, but some are just taking chances. Those who did not apply are part of the team demanding to be given land,” she said.
Last week, the group invited the council in a letter seen by this agency, to be addressed at the said location. However, the local authority responded that it cannot address the group at its preferred location and invited their representatives to meet at the Rundu Conventional Centre to resolve the matter amicably. The group’s representatives then in turn refused to meet the council on the said date at the given venue.
About this Sinimbo said: “As their leaders in the town, council agreed to meet with them, but cannot be pushed left and right as it represents the masses. Although the group is also part of the masses, they should start respecting authority.”
In October last year, the group attempted to grab land at the area known as the golf course and the police were called in to halt them with threats of arrest.
That was followed by meetings with the council where the group claims it was given hope of getting land, only to later be told that the plans would no longer materialise. They said this was the reason they decided to grab land.