Police investigating ‘negligence’ in Alina Kakehongo’s case

29 Jul 2018 16:30pm


The Khomas Police will be looking into a case of possible negligence by the police following the death of Alina Kakehongo at the hands of her police officer ex-boyfriend last week.

It has been reported that Kakehongo had brought threats by her ex-boyfriend to the attention of the police, however nothing was done to assist her.

Khomas crime coordinator, Commissioner Sylvanus Nghishidimbwa told The Villager that the investigations have already started although nothing had been confirmed.

The 24 year-old was shot and killed with a police service pistol last by her ex-boyfriend who refused to accept the end of their relationship.

“We are looking into the case, if we found there was any kind of negligence from the side of the police we will definitely investigate. Details are still not clear because investigations have only started,” he said.

The patron of #BreakFree Anti-Violence campaign, Major General (RTD) James Tjivikua, has said that violent anti-social behavior is a global concern and a widespread problem in Namibia that affects all strata of the society.

This campaign was launched by the Office of the First Lady last year to raise awareness around various forms of violence, encourage individuals to change their attitudes towards violence and engage in help-seeking behavior.

“Imagine, the gang violence among school boys and the murder of young girls; imagine the rape and murder of minors; imagine violent rape and murder of mothers and granny’s and gun toting young men robbing members of the public of their properties or breaking into homes and businesses entities. Imagine the increasing tragic incidents of road rage that have robbed us of so many precious lives in our country today. We do not have to imagine, because this has become our collective reality and is a reflection of the society we live in,” he says.

He added that armed robberies; street fights; domestic violence and other forms of anti-social behavior are prominent and featuring more in Namibia’s society because of social inequalities.

James also says that these kind behaviors are very destructive to orderly society causing irreparable damage and leaving huge scars on victims to what should be a peaceful way of life as families; neighbors, and communities as a nation.

“Tireless efforts have been made at offering solutions towards decreasing the incidents of violence in our society. This battle is still raging on. It is a sobering thought to think that yesterday morning, the life of a 24 year old IUM student was tragically taken. I believe that the resounding consensus around the continued loss of lives, not only from family members of those who are affected but from society in general is to see an end to such incidents of violence,” he says.