Murder for hire trial pushed to September …ring-leader dies in custody

29 Jul 2018 16:00pm

A case in which a woman confessed to having hired several men to murder her husband has been pushed to the 5th of September to allow for the filing of notices of appeal while one of the accused is said to have died of natural causes in custody.

It is the state’s case that Anastancia Nalucha Lubinda together with the now deceased David Matali, Dawid Kondjara, Abiud Uazeva, Donald Hindjou and Dollam Dollam Tjitjahuma killed Peter Riscoh Muleke by hitting him with stones and unknown objects at Penduka, Goreangab Dam.

The deceased is said to have succumbed to his injuries and died on the scene as a result of a blunt trauma to the head. 

They then proceeded to rob Muleke of his cellular phone and sim card before fleeing the scene.

Police investigations that led to the house of Uazeua and Tjitjahuma unearthed 15 grams of cannabis. 

Counsel for Matali has however notified court of his death with the judge consequently dismissing it from the case altogether. 

Reports are such that he collapsed while in holding cells while efforts by other inmates to sound alarm to the wardens failed after which he was to be discovered dead the next morning.

 The wife, Lubinda, who also took time to confess her transgressions upon her bail application told the court that Matali had been the ring-leader in the murder saying it would not have happened had it not been due to his influence after she had told him of her marital problems.

Allegations are also such that Matali had been in the process of looking for poison to kill Lubinda’s husband and had referred the deceased’s wife to a poison seller and murderer so that he could get rid of her husband hit-man style. 

Matali denied all the accusations against him and told the court that the poison in question had been meant to kill some marauding lions.