Nujoma launches Oshikuku Trade Fair

26 Jul 2018 18:00pm
OSHIKUKU, 26 JUL (NAMPA) – Founding President Sam Nujoma officially launched the inaugural edition of the Oshikuku Trade Fair (OTF) in the Omusati Region on Thursday.
The OTF, which is referred to as “Oshipe”, a term celebrating the new harvest in Oshiwambo, started on Wednesday and will run until Saturday.
“This event promotes trade in the Omusati Region in general and Oshikuku Constituency in particular in order to fight poverty, hunger, disease and ignorance,” Nujoma said whilst addressing those attended the official opening.
Nujoma described exhibitors at the event as sons and daughters of the soil who champion the fighting for economic emancipation and against poverty.
According to him, the OTF aims to stimulate the economic activities in the Omusati Region and nationally.
“In this regard, business opportunities like this should be exploited in order to create employment opportunities for our people and ensure that they are economically self-reliant,” Nujoma stated.
He went on to say trade fairs are business platforms meant to exhibit the goods and services belonging to a specific industry to potential buyers, while creating a networking platform.
The retired Namibian leader used the same platform to warn those Namibians, especially men who are killing women and girl children with pangas and knives as if they are cutting meat at butcheries, to stop forthwith.
“Our country’s independence was made possible due to the involvement of the women during the liberation struggle of the country, not for them to be killed on a dialy basis by heartless men,” said Nujoma.
He explained that when he was Commander-in-Chief of the SWAPO fighters, women made sure that they assisted members of the People’s Liberation Army of Namibia in many ways, be it with first aid, housing and feeding.
A total of 105 exhibitors from and around the Omusati Region are participating in the Oshikuku Trade Fair.