No 50% taxi fare increase – Ministry of Works and Transport

26 Jul 2018 12:00pm

The Ministry of Works today announced that according to the Road Transportation Act of 1977’s section 12 (3), no taxi association will be able to increase taxi tariffs by more than 10%.

The Act states that, “a holder of public permit authorized to convey person for reward may at any time after any increase in the price of petroleum fuel in the republic, increase such tariffs by so much but not by more than 10% of such tariffs, as will enable him to recover his increased expenditure on petroleum fuel resulting directly from the increase in the price of petroleum fuel, provided that the same holder applies within 10 days after the coming into effect of any tariff so increased”.

So far, Namibia Transport and Taxi Union has applied for an increment of 50%, Namibia Bus and Taxi Association has applied for a 20% increase while Namibia Public Passenger Transport Association is gunning for 10%.

The ministry has asked taxi drivers to refrain from charging fares that have not been approved by the Road Transportation Board.


More to come tonight…