Mother that killed daughter to plead guilty

25 Jul 2018 13:10pm

 A 33-year old woman accused for the murder of her daughter at the coast two years ago has finally notified court that she intends to plead guilty.

Zenobia Seas was arraigned before the courts for murdering her then three-year-old daughter, Ava Owoses on the 26th of September in 2016 after collecting her from her day-care in Mondesa after which she suffocated her.  

It is the state’s case that she had attempted to conceal the murder by trying to burn her baby’s blanket and the vehicle.  

She is said to have also contacted some people after the murder and told them what she had done.

Her l defence council acting on instructions asked High Court Judge Christie Liebenberg to have the matter remanded to the 13th of August to proceed with the plea.

 Seas’ trial hearing was consequently pushed to the 13th and 14th of August. 

Meanwhile the accused was denied bail in the Swakopmund Magistrate Court last year after it was realised that doing so would not be in the interest of the public and the administration of justice.

The court also believed that it had a strong case against her which has a potential to attract a heavy sentence while fears of her absconding, interfering with witnesses or committing suicide were not ruled out.

This year she has gone through mental observation by both a State and private psychiatrist to determine whether she is fit to stand trial and was consequently found as mentally sound. 

She faces a charge of murder read with the provisions of the Combating of Domestic Violence Act and defeating or obstructing, or attempting to defeat or obstruct, the course of justice

She is also to have sired another daughter of five.