More than 15 000 household benefits from Food Bank

25 Jul 2018 13:00pm

A total number of 15 519 households representing a total of 67 987 individuals in Khomas region are currently benefiting from Food Bank since its inception in 2016.

About 90% of the beneficiaries were food insecure before the food bank intervention and after the introduction it about 62% of those that were food insecure are now food secure, the minister of poverty, Zephania Kameeta says.

“The food bank intervention has a significant impact on household food security. The scheme is effective in addressing hunger especially to beneficiaries with no formal employment, given the current socioeconomic situation of the country. In terms of financial sustainability, the food bank program will be affordable within the current budgetary allocations for the next three years, taking into account a 10% inflationary increase,” he says.

He added that the establishment of Food Banks is one such way of addressing hunger especially in the urban and peri-urban areas and other programs include improving agricultural productivity; school feeding programs and the provision of food during natural disasters such as droughts and floods.

Kameeta also said that Household food insecurity is one of the major underlying causes of malnutrition a situation that has led the World Health Organization, to consider household food and nutrition security as a basic human right.

“Addressing poverty and hunger in Namibia therefore speaks basic blocks of a caring nation,” he said.