Update: Cop murders ex-girlfriend at work

25 Jul 2018 10:30am

The Namibian Police has revealed that the police officer who shot and killed his ex-girlfriend at Luis Both Super Market this morning could not come to terms with the break up.

In a police update it is said that 24 year old Alina Kakehongo who was the manager at Luis Botha Super Market ended the relationship with police sergeant Samuel Shali Nghihepa (28).

Nghihepa however refused to accept the break-up and tried to persuade the victim to take him back.

When it became evident to him that she was not willing to resume the relationship, he showed up at her place of work early this morning and shot her with a service pistol. He then turned the gun on himself, and died instantly.

Kakehongo died upon arrival at the hospital.

Nghihepa was part of the Special Reserve Force Division.

Both their next of kin have been informed and police investigations into the matter are continuing.