RFA fraud accused’s trial date set

24 Jul 2018 14:10pm

A Road Fund Administration employee, Diaz Shipandeka, accused of defrauding the RFA by creating a fictitious client in order to line his pockets with fuel levy funds has been given a trial date set for the 4th of March 2019. 

When the case of the fraud spilt into the media about six years ago, the RFA was said to be on the verge of losing an estimated N$2.5 million on account of the scam and two bank accounts had to be frozen. 

It is the state’s case that Shipandeka who was the only IT administrator at the time the offense was committed and on March 28, five transactions involving large amounts of money were paid to the non-existent client as fuel levy refunds, were made from an RFA bank account.

Prosecutor General Martha Imalwa said monies to the tune of N$190 000 was sent into the bank account of the accused after an amount of N$2 000 had also been deposited.

The state is convinced Shipandeka created this fictitious fuel levy claimant and it is reported that by the time the scam was unearthed, Shipandeka has N$30 000 in his account while the second frozen account had an estimated N$2.1 million.