Outjo murderer features in another murder case

24 Jul 2018 13:50pm

A man who shocked the nation by stabbing his girlfriend in Outjo only to finish her off in a hospital a year ago has appeared again in the Windhoek High Court facing another case of murder.

He was consequently slapped with a 44-year jail term yet this time the youngman, Hendrik Nowoseb (26), stands accused with two others for the murder of Gerhardus Petrus Koekemoer (71) in Outjo in 2014. 

The other accused accused are Ferdinand Hangula (40), Lourens Aib (23) and the trio’s case has been postponed to the 6th of February and 1st of March 2019. 

They are facing an attempted murder charge, contravening section 2(1) of the Combating of Rape Act as we as robbery with aggravating circumstances.

It is the state’s case that the accused, in Outjo assaulted Koekemoer and Zenobia van der Merwe by strangling and stabbing one or both of them with a knife. 

They are accused of stealing N$251 in cash and a Tango recharge worth N$10 and N$5 with vouchers to the value of N$465 together with cigarettes, sweets, a bunch of keys and a pocket knife.

According to available substantial facts, the accused were living together in the same house at Erf number 285 in Outjo and operated a tuck-shop from a room in the residence. 

During evening hours of 25 October 2014 the van der Merwe closed shop for the day and was in the process of locking its doors when the trio stormed in and overpowered her.

They assaulted, stabbed and strangled her until she lost consciousness where after the accused raped her. 

The deceased was stabbed while he was in his house which caused a lung injury and he died on the scene, the state alleges.

The trio then proceeded to rob the deceased of his properties and according to the state, they all acted with common purpose at all times. 

Meanwhile the state has roped in 51 witnesses while Appolos Shimakeleni, Vanessa Kauta and Natji Tjirere are representing the three.