Public service sector records over 4 000 promotions

24 Jul 2018 13:30pm

The public service sector recorded 4 226 job promotions during 2016 and 2017 representing an increase of 360 % in the number of promotions recorded in the previous corresponding review period.

Women accounted for 43% of employees promoted of which 12 % were promoted to positions at the management level.

The sector has recorded a total of 9 176 cases of employment contract terminations representing a 224% increase in the civil servants who left their jobs during 2016 and 2017 according to the Employment Equity Commissions 2016/17 annual report.

“The increase would have to be understood against the improved and thus increase in the number of reports received from the public service during the period under review. Women accounted for 63 % of civil servants whose contracts of employment ended, while 1 % were person with disabilities and 1% were non- Namibian,” the report states.

  1. report further indicates that 73 % of civil servants left their jobs for unspecified reasons followed by non-renewal of employment contracts 13% and 11% resignations.

The majority of non-Namibians (50%) left their jobs due to non-renewal of their contracts.

Furthermore, the sector has reported to have trained 11 261 employees countrywide representing an increase of 191% compared to the previous review period, the report indicates.

Women accounted for 57 % of employees trained and only 0.6 % of the civil servants trained were persons with disabilities while 1% were previously racially advantaged.