Oshakato ex-mayor rejoining town council

23 Jul 2018 19:20pm
OSHAKATI, 23 JUL (NAMPA) – The Swapo leadership in the Oshana Region has recommended that former Oshakati mayor, Onesmus Shilunga rejoin the Oshakati Town Council.
The coordinator of the party in the region, Samuel Nelongo confirmed Shilunga’s appointment in a telephonic interview on Monday.
Shilunga will take over the position left vacant when Johannes Shilongo died in the Oshakati Intermediate Hospital last month.
According to Nelongo, the executive committees for the Oshakati east and west Swapo districts have jointly recommended that Shilunga once again become a councillor as he is next on the list of the party’s candidates for the 2015 Regional and Local Authority Elections.
“The office of the party secretary-general, Sophia Shaningwa, is also aware who is next in line and already confirmed that comrade Shilunga should be sworn in,” he said.
He further pointed out that Shilongo was a member of the town’s management committee and as such, Shilunga is also to be a member of that committee.
“We are just waiting for the government process of gazetting to be completed and then his swearing-in will be done without delay,” Oshakati mayor Angelus Iiyambo said when approached for comment on Monday.
Shilunga lost his mayoral portfolio in 2015, after failing to be re-elected onto the council. The seven-member Oshakati Town Council consists of six Swapo members and a member from the opposition Popular Democratic Movement.