Senior officers part of the rot in police corruption

23 Jul 2018 13:00pm

The Chief of the Namibian Police Force, Sebastian Ndeitunga has fingered senior police officials for playing a part in police corruption including theft and sale of registered dockets.

Ndeitunga told The Villager that even senior officials have been supsected of taking part in criminal activities.

Case registration dockets are being steal and destroyed for an amount of about N$500 and the police are busy to root out suspect thieve in the force, Ndeintunga has said. 

"We suspect hand-full senior police officers involvement in disappearing of case registration dockets. This has been going on for some time and our internal investigations directorate is investigating the matter. Once the investigation are done than they will be charge disappearing on the outcome of the investigations," he said. 

He added that police involvement in stealing of dockets is a serious offence and all that are found of breaking the law by stealing case dockets will be brought to book and will face the full wrath of the law. 

Ndeintunga also said that cleaners of police stations are the most trust-worthy employees. 

"I trust that cleaners are most trust-worthy and are not suspected of stealing dockets. Every missing docket that has been recorded is the work of corrupt police officers whether they are senior or junior. The level of corruption in the force is increasing and we are hard at work to bring and end to this situation," he said. 

He added that police offers need to take responsibility  like grown-ups that are fathers and mother and most not waste their time by going against the oath they took when they become police officers. 

"It is very shocking that officers are involved. They are suppose to protect the dockets and not steal them for little money. It is like they are willing to loose their job which they get a salary for by stealing and destroying dockets for little money that is not event worth it compared to the salary they are getting not that they are paid huge salaries," he fumed.