Dr. wanted to cut my penis … murder accused tells court

19 Jul 2018 13:20pm

A court audience was left in stitches yesterday when a Karasburg man, accused for the murder of his lover before bathing and dressing her, sensationally claimed that the doctor who did postmortem wanted to have his penis cut.

August van Wyk (50) made the sensational allegations through his lawyer, Milton Engelbrecht, against Keetmanshoop based Dr. Vermeulen Andries who brushed them off as mere nonsense.

The doctor did a postmortem on van Wyk’s lover, Katrina Waterboer and testifying in court yesterday, told the prosecutor that she suffered multiple injuries that could have contributed to her death. 

The state has pinned the murder on van Wyk but he has since denied the charge indicating that he only beat her with his belt, alleging that she died from falling on a night when they were going home drunk. 

The doctor disputed this as a possible contributor to the death of the deceased pointing out that her body had many injuries, with a swollen head which could have been a result of being hit many times with a blunt object.

He testified that tests done on the deceased showed that her body had 0.15 grams of alcohol which meant Waterboer could still handle herself. 

Said the doctor, “A single fall would not have caused all the injuries, they are too widely spread,” adding that any person would naturally protect his or her face when falling.

Waterboer’s body had bruises in the eye, chin and forehead as well as at the back of her ear, which suggested multiple concussions than a mere fall.

However, the defence council challenged that on the said night when both were drunk and going home, Waterboer could not see the way properly, walked through bushes and fell many times.

This again was found by the doctor as not holding much water given that both sides of Waterboer’s brain were swollen and bleeding, “The severity of the injuries to the brain shows that it can not be possible for one to fall and still wake up and fall again. You can just walk for 10 meters and die.”

Van Wyk also stands accused of hitting the mother of his deceased lover, Josephine Fredericks, for interfering into his relationship. 

A Karas based constable also testified that the morning of the death of Waterboer, van Wyk came to a soccer field where he was to tell him that his “wife” had been murdered.

Upon the constable inquiring if he had made a police report, he indicated that he went to the station but did not get inside.

The constable said when they arrived at the murder scene, Waterboer was in bed and her body washed already. 

The accused faces four counts ranging from murder, defeating or obstructing or attempting to defeat the course of justice, assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm as well as assault.

The trial continues in the Windhoek High Court.