Otjomuise murder accused grilled in court … distances self from the murder

18 Jul 2018 14:30pm

The murder case of Cathy Gatonje is still playing out in court as her family patiently wait to see justice done and yesterday, the suspected murderer, 36-year-old Elwen Gawaxab who is out on bail denied being involved.

 Gatonje was rushed to Katutura Intermediate Hospital after a heated argument, allegedly between her and the accused erupted into a fight which led to her death while the incident is said to have happened in Otjomuise. 

 It left her with a skull fracture, injuries on her knees, arms, stomach, upper chest, abdomen, nipples, shoulder, head, ear and internal injuries seen after her body was opened during postmortem by Forensic Pathologist Dr. Yuri Vasin.

The deceased’s sister, Jeaneth Haipare testified that when she arrived at the hospital, Gatonje had an open chest, which suggested a gruesome murder. 

A bloodied stone and a broken beer bottle were found on the scene and collected by the police as exhibits. 

Meanwhile, two of the three women that came out to testify have identified him as the killer but Gawaxab yesterday denied knowing any of them, thus distancing himself from the murder case.

Instead, he gave an account of him having been in the company of three different women on the said night with whom he was drinking beer that he had bought.

He said that he recalled sleeping a service station before being driven to a Khomasdal house, still in the company of the said women. 

He told the court that he slept there after which he paid to be taken home by the same car in which he again slept due to his being intoxicated, only to later find himself dumped in some bushes closer to the Otjomuise fire station with all his belongings gone, save for his clothes. 

He said he lost groceries he had bought for his wife, a cellphone, a wallet and a debit card from which he had withdrawn N$2 000 to buy the three women beer.

The prosecutor however pinned him on why he failed to make a police report soon after he lost his belongings or approach the bank to have the debit card blocked.

Further, the prosecutor said this would only have made sense since details show that the card had a balance of over N$70 000.

Gawaxab said he did not see any need to do so since he alone knew the pass word to his card. 

Meanwhile, the case has been postponed to the 25th until the 31st of July for Gawaxab to tell his version of the story.