More than 1 700 in San community get national documents

18 Jul 2018 14:20pm

A total of 1 771 San community members have been registered and received national documents during the Mass San Community mobile registration in Ohangwena region during 2017 and 2018.

The 20 day’s campaign was overwhelmed with 884 San people having been issued with birth certificates while 887 received Identity documents the governor of Ohangwena region, Usko Nghaamwa has said during his Sate of Region Address on Monday.

“A per the call from his excellency the president, “No one should feel left out in the Namibian House”. The region has embarked upon the campaign to register all the San community member in need of documents and it was successful,” he said.

He added that the region has done well in terms of obtaining identification documents for all San community members that are inhabitants of the region.  

Furthermore, as part of upliftment of the plight of veterans of the liberation struggle the region has approved and funded 135 Individual Veterans Projects; erected 146 tombstones on the graves of deceased veterans; 98 families benefited from funeral assistance program to ensure that registered veterans are accorded a respectable and dignified burial, Nghaamwa said.

“I am reliable informed that some of the veterans or their family members are misusing monthly grants and others resources aimed at improving the well being of the veterans. This situation is very disturbing as it is defeating the purpose of the veteran’s program and is should come to end,” he said.