SSC launches Outapi Service Centre

27 Nov 2013 18:00

The Social Security Commission officially inaugurated a new service centre in Outapi yesterday.

Omusati regional governor, Sophia Shaningwa, said the development is instrumental in implementing service delivery from the part of the commission.

She further urged all SSC staff members to offer best customer service to their clients, as she expects "fairness, effectiveness and efficiency in service delivery”.

Shaningwa said the country faces issues of labour unrests, which is a situation destabilising the labour market while crippling the economy.

“Employers and employees must find amicable solutions through negotiations and not strikes and unrests. They must be able to negotiate in good faith for the sake of our country and sacrifice where possible in give-and-take situations,” Shaningwa added.

SSC's move, according to Shaningwa, is a clear testimony that Government and its agencies are committed to decentralising services to all corners of the country.