More than 50 suicide cases recorded in Ohangwena

17 Jul 2018 13:50pm

Ohangwena region recorded 56 suicide cases between late 2017 and 2018, which would have been higher without interventions, governor Usko Nghaamwa said during his state of region address on Monday.

The governor revealed that about 86 people were saved from attempted suicide during the same period, while last year 66 people received assistance before they could commit suicide. 

“On the developmental social welfare services, community education on prevention of social ills plays a major role for community members to seek supportive services when experiencing problems,” he said. 

Furthermore, voluntary male medical circumcision cases have increased from 3 534 in 2016/17 financial year to 4 746 in the year under review. 

About 538 people were assisted with wheel chairs and assistive devise such as walking sticks and frames though rehabilitation services according to the governor’s speech. 

“The surgical cataract campaign was exceptionally conducted in the region restoring eye sights of 300 patients surpassing the planned target of 250. Family health division is coordinating the primary health care services which include mother and and child. The out-reach service coverage increased from 90% to 98%. We have all noticed that antenatal coverage increased from 101% to 116 %. The expanded immunization program coverage decreased though from 101% to 97 % it is still normal because the target is 95%,” he said. 

He added that all 34 Primary Health Care facilities are run by registered nurses and the region is still face with a shortage of health personnel.