Judge frustrated as lover’s murder plot trial delays again … lawyer pulls a no-show

15 Jul 2018 16:00pm

A lawyer, Hipura Ujaha, representing a woman, Rachel Rittmann, accused of plotting the murder of her husband together with an alleged lover, failed to show up for a court hearing last week which grinded proceedings to a halt attracting the wrath of Judge Christie Liebenberg.

Judge Liebenberg said there will be consequences on the part of Ujaha for not complying to court orders and delaying the commencement of proceedings especially given that lawyers for co-accused/alleged lover, Ryno du Preez, and for the state were ready.

“I find it unacceptable,” rapped the judge before postponing the matter to the 28th of August for trail while the accused were retained into custody.

Rittmann stands accused for the murder of her husband, Rudolph Rittman during the evening of the 23rd of August five year ago who was stabbed to death in Gobabis with the assistance of his alleged lover, du Preez.

The court has also heard that after the deceased died after having been overpowered by his wife while he was asleep, du Preez drove his body along the main-road to Windhoek where he burnt it in a bakkie, allegedly to make it look like an accident.

It is also alleged that pills were fed the deceased which made him drowsy after which du Preez was called in for the kill while suspicion is that he was stabbed 22 times.

The death of Rittman, it is alleged, was for the two accused to benefit from the deceased’s inheritance.

Drama has also punctuated this case with Rittmann having faked being mentally challenged, which was disapproved by psychiatric reports.

Last year, du Preez made headlines when it came to light that he wanted to plead guilty.