Aranos engage NamPower to discuss repayment agreement

15 Jul 2018 15:50pm

Following a recent decision by NamPower to suspend power supply to southern towns Aranos; Tses; Berseba; Khoës for debt, Aranos has now engaged NamPower on a payment agreement. 

Aranos Town Council technical manager, Rudolf Muhembo, has however told The Villager that the payment agreement and the owed amount will not be discussed in the media as yet. 

I would just like to state that yes it is true we have a debt with NamPower but we can not answer these questions at the moment. It is really premature at the moment since we are still in discussion with NamPower and we are still to sign an agreement on repayment terms. We shall communicate to the media as soon the agreement is signed,” he said.  

The chairperson of the Tses Village Council, Abraham Goliath has revealed that the village has an active agreement with the rural and urban development ministry which to their luck has delayed the power cuts which were scheduled for last week.

“Yes. We are aware of NamPower decision but of village has had discussions with the line ministry and we come to and agreement that the ministry should settle our debt for so that the council will pay back the ministry. I can not go into much detail about the issue because there are some other issues that need to be finalised which I can not discuss with you now. Please call me back if you can by next moth then I will give you all the information you are asking for,” he said.  

He added that the village council owes NamPower between N$130 – 40 000 as the debt has been accumulating over the years. 

The Chief Executive Office (CEO) of Berseba Village Council, Charles Vires has told the Villager that NamPower and the council has come to an agreement to pay off the debt monthly. 

“We owe NamPower about N$1 million and we come to an agreement to pay off the invoices monthly by paying every month N$20 000 dollars. We have also engaged the urban ministry to pay for us a N$100 000 up front so that we can pay back the ministry in coming months as per our agreement with them. So far that is all I can say,” he said. 

However, CEO of Koës Village Council could not be reached as he will be out of office until next week.