Sewerage waste water flows into the Kavango river

13 Jul 2018 19:20pm
By Petrus Muronga
RUNDU, 13 JUL (NAMPA) – A broken sewage pipe at Rundu has left residence with questions as water flowing from it has formed swamps of waste water reaching the Okavango River.
The pipe is located at the back of the Kavango East Regional Council office and the incomplete regional office of the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources.
It is supposed to carry sewage waste from the Rundu State Hospital and residential areas such as Tutungeni, Sauyemwa and Queenspark to the Sarusungu sewage system, situated east on the outskirts of the town.
A huge trench now also carries sewerage waste into swamps leading to Rundu beach and the eastern side of the beach.
Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) Kavango West Coordinator, Vilho Kangumbe who visited the site with this reporter on Thursday, claimed the pipe got damaged in 2014 despite the council disputing that it only got damaged recently.
He described the situation as a serious health-threatening situation, making it clear that his visit to the site is not a political move.
The waste water running from the pipe flowing into the river will lead to the contamination of the river and residents who live in Kayengona and Sambyu will be most affected as they do not have access to portable water and are dependent on the river for their daily activities, he expressed.
“The council must react quickly to this hazardous situation before it gets out of hand. People’s lives are at stake here,” reiterated Vilho.
Upon enquiry on Thursday, Chief Executive Officer of the Rundu Town Council, Romanus Haironga admitted that the council is aware of the situation.
“The procurement committee has been requested to put up a tender and request bidders to bid for the job in order to fix the pipe,” he said.
Medical Superintendent at the Rundu State Hospital, Dr Joseph Mukerenge said contaminated water can cause waterborne diseases such as cholera which can be very dangerous.
He added that it can also spread hepatitis E especially if human waste is disposed in the river, which might end up polluting the water.