Life in jail for father who cut throats of own children

12 Jul 2018 14:50pm

A former security guard, Jonas Penduvanhu Shinana who killed his own two children in Okuryangava by viciously cutting their throats before attempting to commit suicide has been sentenced to life imprisonment.  

Shinana showed no emotions yesterday when he was sentenced to life in prison on count one: that of murdering six-year-old Matheus Shinana and on count two of murdering three-year-old Emilia Shinana.  

High Court Judge Nate Ndauendapo said violence against children and women had reached a crisis point and continue unabated despite the harsh sentences. 

“The deceased were young, innocent defenseless children,” he said before passing sentence. 

The judgement on Shinana is an indication that the courts are ready to deal effectively with those who commit crimes against children.

During the course of trial, the prosecutor indicated to the court that the two unfortunate children had their future cut in their innocence and infancy while one child suffered the horror of seeing another being killed and having to deal with the ordeal of knowing that she was next.

Shinana was found to have ill-feelings and vented his frustration on his children with prosecution arguing that his sentencing should not only sense to punish him but send a message that the courts will have no mercy on criminals of such a nature.

Shinana initially pleaded not guilt to his charges and cooked up a story that an intruder had strangled him from behind, cut the throats of the two children before leaving him lying unconscious.

His trial had to be based on circumstantial evidence as there was no witness to the crime while the court came to the final conclusion that he alone could have killed the two children given that his testimony was hard to stomach.

 Mother of the slain children, Rosalia Antonius failed to come to terms with how their lives were ended and demanded to know why Shinana had committed such a crime.