Nicanor humiliates group illegally registering veterans for fishing rights

11 Jul 2018 15:40pm

A group calling itself Repatriation, Rehabilitation, Resettlement (RRR) has been left with egg on the face when veterans affairs deputy minister, Hilma Nicanor said it does not have the legal mandate to register veterans for fishing rights or carry out any activities related to their welfare. 

This follows after the group have been noted of recent to be calling meetings with veterans which where held in Windhoek, Rundu and recently in Ongwediva requesting to provide copies of veteran’s identity documents or to make payments to be registered for fishing rights.  

“We are aware of the public invitation by the ministry of fisheries calling for the application of fishing rights by Namibians and veterans of the liberation struggle are equally eligible. So veterans are expected to apply in their own individual rights or in the manner that is in tandem with the provision of Marine Resources Act. Those who think can abuse the system in order to exploit the veterans should be put to shame,” she said.  

She added that the department of veteran’s affairs would like to reiterate its mandate which is to coordinate all government efforts on all aspects related to addressing the plight of veterans of the liberation struggle.  

Nicanor urged all veterans to refrain from from the activities of the RRR group as their agenda is unknown  

“We initiated, promoted and implemented several socio-economic programmes that have seen many registered and approved veterans benefiting from and these include amongst others provision of a once off lump sum to all approve veterans ; Provision of individual veterans projects up to the amount of N$200 000 to enable veterans to engage in economic activities and provision of monthly subvention of N$2 200 and well welfare improvement grant to all qualifying veterans so that they could afford daily basic needs for their sustenance,” she said. 

She added that despite economic hardship the veterans affairs ministry will ensure that the plight of the veterans are addressed.