Tariff increases for Mariental residents

09 Jul 2018 14:40pm
MARIENTAL, 09 JUL (NAMPA) – The Mariental Municipality has resolved to increase electricity and water tariffs for residents by 8 per cent and 10 per cent respectively.
The rates, which came into effect on 01 July 2018, follow approval by council of the municipality’s budget for the 2018/19 financial year.
Speaking to Nampa last week, Chief Executive Officer of the Mariental Municipality, Paul Nghiwilepo said the challenges faced by the council are met with insufficient financial resources, which restrict the municipality from implementing some of the capital projects and delivering serviced land.
“We are still waiting for the proposed 8 per cent increase from the Electricity Control Board (ECB) in a couple of days. Once they approve the proposed tariff increase we will effect it,” Nghiwilepo said.
The total estimated income for the municipality is projected to be N.dollars 116.9 million, with an estimated total expenditure of N.dollars 116.8 million.
A total of N.dollars 29 million will go towards capital projects, including the Targeted Intervention Programme for Employment and Economic Growth, according to the new budget.
On staff expenses, the municipality will spend N.dollars 28 million which represents an estimated 27 per cent of the operational budget.
The municipality expects N.dollars 61 million from electricity tariffs, provided that the ECB approves the proposed 8 per cent increase, and a further N.dollars 18 million from water.
A further N.dollars 3 million is expected from household refuse removal charges, with sewerage income expected to bring in an estimated N.dollars 2 million.
Provision has been made for the municipality to contribute N.dollars 847 038 to the Hardap Regional Council from the assessment rates as required by the Local Authority Act.
Provision for natural disasters has also been budgeted for, with an amount of N.dollars 300 000 set aside.