Kazapua wants other local authorities to write off elders’ debts

08 Jul 2018 15:40pm

City of Windhoek mayor Musee Kazapua has implored other local authorities to follow suit and write off elders’ debts following a move by the municipality to write off N$191 million irreconcilable debt owed by pensioners and vulnerable residents.

These debts are for both water and electricity.

The mayor announced last week at a meeting of the Swapo Party Elders’ Council at party Head Quarters where he indicated that he had taken such a decision on the basis of the elders’ plight.

“It was not an easy decision, it’s really a political and drastic decision in the sense that we know that we are experiencing an economic crisis as a country (and) as a municipality.”

“However we decided to say let’s take this decision for the benefit of our elderly people because if it was not for you we could not enjoy the peace and stability that today we are enjoying,” he said to applause.

The mayor told the pensioners that the city had commenced the process of installing their houses with pre-paid electricity meters while 500 households have already been installed.

He indicated further that the city’s chief executive officer, Robert Kahimise had been tasked to explore opportunities to come up with pre-paid water technology.

“Previously I recall that in 2013 City of Windhoek had written off elderly people’s debts but after years these debts have also accumulated. That’s why we said in 2018 when we are taking this decision   we don’t want the similar thing to be repeated again,” he said.

He cautioned them to also take measures to educate younger people who are irresponsible in not paying municipal services when houses belong to them.

  “Most of our elders are having sleepless nights. May be e tomorrow my house is going to be auctioned but who accumulated some of these debts, its your own daughters and your own children,” he said yelling them to report abuses to the city police.