Hoveka Royal House pays homage to ancestors

26 Nov 2013 13:40pm
EPUKIRO, 26 NOV (NAMPA) – Chief Turimuro Hoveka of the Hoveka Royal House has called on his subjects to embrace unity and concentrate on the clan’s socio-economic development.
Hoveka, who took up the chieftaincy last year after the death of his father Sylvanus Keveriua Hoveka, said the Hoveka Royal House is committed to the well-being of all those who fall under it.
He made the remarks on Sunday during the commemoration of Chief Nikanor Hoveka’s death.
Nikanor Hoveka was a leader of the Hoveka Royal House until his death in 1951, and the annual commemoration is now in its 46th year.
Turimo Hoveka pleaded with the Hoveka clan and other members of the OvaMbanderu and OvaHerero community to support the cause for reparation in order to allow decedents of the people who died during the 1904-1908 genocide to receive what belongs to them.
“We are all one nation, regardless of where we come from. Therefore, we need to support the cause for reparation as we are all affected by it. It is because of the genocide that we are living the way we are today,” he said.
He told the gathering that Nikanor Hoveka played a prominent role in Namibia’s struggle for independence by assisting freedom fighters, amongst them Founding President Dr Sam Nujoma, to go into exile.
The late Hoveka is also credited with leading efforts to free OvaHerero and OvaMbanderu groups from concentration camps and helping them to settle in Epukiro between 1923 and 1924.
This year’s commemoration also coincided with the unveiling of Chief Sylvanus Hoveka’s tombstone.
Sylvanus was amongst those who had dedicated most of his time fighting for the official recognition of the Hoveka Royal House.
Various chiefs from the Maharero Royal House, Ovambanderu Traditional Authority and other royal houses attended the commemoration.