UDF vigilent on congress

06 Jul 2018 18:00pm
WINDHOEK, 06 JUL (NAMPA) – With the National Unity Democratic Organisation's (Nudo) congress having ended in chaos recently, the United Democratic Front (UDF) has taken a cautious approach ahead of its prospective internal election.
When Nampa interviewed the party’s top two leaders this week, they both took a 'wait-and-see' approach on whether or not the party will elect a new leadership this year.
“We are not sure whether or not we will have a congress and whether it is necessary. The executive will meet and decide on that,” was the response from Dudu Murorua, UDF’s vice president.
“You saw what happened with Nudo, where are they now? We want to build a party, not to destroy it,” said UDF’s President Apius Auchab, when quizzed by Nampa on the matter on Wednesday.
In May, Nudo held a watershed congress to decide its leadership for the next five years.
The congress was mired by controversy from the onset, with allegations mushrooming of branches, barring of delegates and a failed last-minute attempt to have it interdicted by the High Court amidst the irregularities.
This congress ended in chaos with one faction electing itself into leadership, while the other disputed the congress’ outcome, declaring it null and void.
The outcome of the disputed congress was nullified by the High Court on Thursday.
On the UDF’s preparation for the 2019 presidential and National Assembly election, Auchab indicated that all was going as planned.
The politician, however, refused to disclose his party’s campaign strategy ahead of the 2019 showdown.
“We are playing with our cards very close to our chests. If you reveal your strategy, you expose yourself to your political opponent and they come up with a counter strategy,” he maintained.
With confidence, Auchab said UDF has a workable strategy for the national polls.
“We are not a tribal party. We are not a Damara party. However, all political parties in Namibia, unfortunately have a tribal base. Swapo has it. Nudo has it. PDM has it. That’s why they have survived to this day,” he added.
He continued: “That’s why parties without a tribal (base) find it difficult to survive the test of time in Namibia.”
Meanwhile, the president indicated that they are not in coalition talks with any political formation but that they are however, willing to work with any political party after the 2019 elections.