Isaack to deliver State of the Region Address on Tuesday

05 Jul 2018 18:00pm
MARIENTAL, 05 JUL (NAMPA) – Hardap Governor, Esme Isaack will deliver her yearly State of the Region Address on the challenges and achievements of the region on Tuesday.
Community activists who Nampa spoke to in anticipation of the address have raised concern over the high levels of poverty, the few or non-existent viable development projects and unemployment, amongst others things, as challenges facing the region.
Johannes !Khachab, a community activist, said unless poverty and unemployment are addressed fully in the region, Hardap will not close the development gap in comparison to other regions.
“We have so much potential in our region, but the regional leadership is struggling to implement the needed strategies to make the region productive for us all. Twenty-eight years after independence we still have people in Rehoboth who are using the bucket system and who are without basic services such as water and proper sanitation,” !Khachab said.
He said the region needs big manufacturing companies to reduce unemployment.
Another activist, Abraham Kaibib said there is no development in the region due to political infighting among leaders.
“There is just nothing happening here. People do not have land to build a house for themselves. Jobs are given to foreigners, while we have capable people in the region, leaving us jobless and poor,” he said.
Kaibib said as long as there is infighting between political leaders, development will be delayed in the region.
The State of the Region Address is delivered annually by each region’s governor, after the president delivers the State of the Nation Address.