//Karas police to target 'big bosses' in drug dealing

25 Nov 2013 19:50pm
KEETMANSHOOP, 25 NOV (NAMPA) – The //Karas police say they plan to ‘crack the backbone’ of drug syndicates over the festive season instead of focusing on the culprits who do their dirty work for them.
The Namibian Police Force (NamPol)’s //Karas Regional Commander, Commissioner Armas Shivute said at a media briefing here on Monday, where he announced the commencement of police operations for this festive season, their focus will be on the main players behind the selling of drugs instead of those who transport and sell the drugs.
“We have emphasised our resolve to fight the scourge on drugs which impacts negatively on our communities, particularly the youth. Our resolve is not merely to address the sniffers of drugs, but now we begin to crack the backbones of crime syndicates,” he said.
Shivute said in most cases, the real owners of drugs confiscated from dealers are not arrested because those who are arrested in possession of drugs refuse to expose their bosses.
He however stated that the police now have a new strategy to deal with such challenges.
The regional commander then urged members of communities to report their relatives who use or deal in drugs to the police, as covering for them represents a danger to society.
“We are aware that resolving this challenge is not only about effective policing systems, but about the fact that society has a fundamental role to play, particularly the family orientation of some of these drug victims. It is a societal challenge that must be tackled collectively,” he said.
The commander further stated that shebeens are a concern especially during the festive season, as they sell alcohol beyond the allotted time while at many, stolen goods are also sold.
Shivute said it is for these reasons that the police will ensure that all shebeens operate only within the allocated times this season.
He said the police will conduct patrols throughout the festive season, and these patrols will be extended to settlements and rural areas across the region.
“It is not going to be business as usual because we are committed to breaking new ground and making sure that our communities enjoy their Christmas and New Year,” Shivute stated.
The operations, including fixed and temporary roadblocks in the //Karas Region commenced on Monday and will end on 17 January 2014.