No water at Groot Aub residential area for three months

25 Nov 2013 19:30pm
GROOT AUB, 25 NOV (NAMPA) - More than 2 000 residents of the Oshakati informal settlement at Groot Aub have been without water for some three months now.
The disgruntled residents told Nampa here on Monday the tap which supplies water to the area was turned off without any reason being provided to them.
Their only water supply now comes from a small pit which is closed at times, meaning residents sometimes travel the long distance to the pit with empty containers only to return empty handed.
“We don't know when the water will be running. We just struggle and keep checking to see if it is running,” one of the residents said.
They indicated that the water they do manage to obtain is mainly used for basic household needs as they are unsure of how fit it is for human consumption.
One resident, Anna Willem said the water is used for cooking, washing clothes and bathing, and sometimes for drinking.
“After drinking the water we however end up getting diarrhoea or falling sick. Even if we boil the water the situation is still the same,” she said.
Another resident, Lavinia Matheus said both herself and her baby experience problems after drinking the water.
“My baby always gets diarrhoea after drinking this water and I really don't know what to do anymore,” she stated.
She added that the water leaves a white, salt-like residue on people’s skins after they wash themselves with it and for that reason, some residents choose to not wash themselves at times.
Groot Aub is situated some 40 kilometres south of Windhoek and has approximately 9 000 residents.
Those living in other residential areas here have not been affected by the water cuts.
The residents of the informal settlement also complained that Arie Frederick, the Regional Councillor for the Windhoek Rural Constituency which Groot Aub falls under, “never” responds to their complaints and allegedly keeps his cellphone turned off. Some complained that when they go to the council office to report the matter, the office is allegedly always closed.
Attempts to get hold of Frederick proved futile as his phone went to voicemail.