All eyes on judgement day for Avid corruption convicts

04 Jul 2018 16:00pm

The judgement day for the convicted persons in the long drawn out saga over the plunder of N$30 million in Social Security Commission money has finally arrived.

Facing the judge today to hear their fate after close to 14 years of trial, which has brought with it deaths of those directly and indirectly affected by the saga and some of the most emotional court moments, will be Nico Josea, former Namangol asset management company owner, found guilty of theft.

He has featured in the center of the case for having stolen N$14.9 million of the N$30 million after the late Lazarus Kandara deposited N$29.5 million into a trust account of Namangol of which Josea was the sole shareholder and he, in turn, paid N$20 million to an Alan Rosenberg in Johannesburg. 

He has since emotionally accepted his transgressions and pleaded for mercy while his defence has pointed that he had paid enough given his fall from the pinnacle of his political career among other things.

Second in line is Paulus Kapia who was found guilty of fraud, Inez /Gases also found guilty of fraud, Ralph Blaauw found guilty of fraud as well as his wife Sharon Blaauw who was found guilty of reckless conduct of business.

Meanwhile, the high profile case had swallowed the heads of Avid director and lawyer Otniel Podewiltz and retired army brigadier, Mathias Shiweda who were fortunate enough to be acquitted of fraudulent conduct of business.  

The prosecution has been hard on the convicted persons and pointed out that they must be hit hard given the nature of their crimes.