Water shortage worsens in Ozombouvapa

03 Jul 2018 17:10pm
By Zebaldt Ngaruka
WINDHOEK, 03 JUL (NAMPA) - The shortage of water in Ozombouvapa has become a serious concern to people and livestock as the water levels in the boreholes are too low to cater for the community in the village.
Ozombouvapa is a village in the Epukiro Constituency housing 37 homesteads and situated about 65 kilometres from Epukiro Post 3.
Speaking to Nampa on Sunday, Kapukuse Tjozongoro, a water committee member said the water problem in the village is a major concern and it was high time that Government does something about it.
Tjozongoro added that livestock remain up to two days without water and this prompts villagers to go to neighbouring villages to get water.
“This is a very costly exercise as not everyone in the village has the means to do so every day and even the movement of livestock in some seasons is not good,” he said.
According to Tjozongoro, the residents have tried by all means to solve the issue technically, but to no avail.
“We are tired and it is high time even for churches to come here and rescue us,” he said.
The village earth dam, which is the second source of water supply in the village, is also dry.
Residents are further asking about an earlier plan by Government to erect a pipeline to supply water from Otjimati, seven kilometres away, to Ozombouvapa.
Ovambanderu traditional councillor, Venoumba Mbatara, who is also a resident of the village said “this suffering of people and livestock has been going on for more than 10 years”.
He said the issue must be taken seriously and Government must find alternative means to solve the matter.
Sharing his sentiments, councillor Kambuari Katjirua appealed to Government to drill another borehole.
He said residents have been struggling and every year, their livestock die due to lack of water.
“We residents should cooperate to find amicable solutions to the water issue in our village,” he also urged.
The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry officer in charge of rural water supply, Zebald Hangero, based in Epukiro Post 3, said his office is aware of the water issue in Ozombouvapa and told Nampa money is the only problem.
According to Hangero, the government does not have money and the drill that must be used to flush the borehole is also broken.
“We are aware of the issue and we are not sure of when this Ozombouvapa problem will be solved,” said Hangero.
On the earlier plan to get water from Otjimati via pipeline, Hangero said: “When they got the second borehole, that plan was forgotten because the water was enough that time.”
He added that it is up to the two villages to reach a new agreement about the pipeline.
“The government will only intervene once the agreement is reached and help with connecting the pipeline,” he said.