NTB workers throw their boss to the vultures … want Digu /Naobeb charged for misconduct

03 Jul 2018 14:50pm

Disgruntled Namibia Tourism Board (NTB) workers who took to the streets demonstrating unjust labour practices and mismanagement have called on the Anti Corruption Commission and the minister of public enterprises, Leon Jooste to investigate their chief executive officer’s, Digu /Naobeb, account which they said is not being audited.

They have also called on qualifications of all NTB senior managers to be provided during the investigations alleging that the tourism board is bleeding from lack of leadership, vision and innovation.

The workers who also called on the dissolving of the current board have also demanded that the next board members should not be recruited from the tourism industry “as they only come to serve their interest”.

Anger has also been sparked due to NTB having appointed two heads of finances, including Freddie Scholtz as Head of Finance and ICT projects despite claims that there was no money to meet the workers’ demands.

The appointment of Scholtz is said to have been against a court order by Judge Parkers end of May 2018 who had ordered the reinstatement of Ndapewa Kankodi in the position. 

The workers have resultantly slammed the CEO for contempt of court alledging that at the same time NTB is burdened with payment of two managers in the same position due to his recklessness. 

“NTB spends unnecessary monies on legal fees in excess of N$1 million in a given financial year in fighting its own work force. Recent scenario of NTB challenging/appealing against the Labour Court to reinstate Head: Finance is a good example thereof.”

“Equally, ongoing disciplinary hearings against staff members drains money out of NTB coffers through the involvement of lawyers even where such cases do not merit their involvement,” the workers said.

They have also slammed NTB for failing to budget for staff development programs or fill crucial positions such as that of Public Relations and an internal audit and payroll administrator yet managed to negligibly pay out N$23 million to a Kora ward that never took place. 

/Naobeb has been slammed for continuously pumping millions in a Management Information System that is no longer serving its purpose with over N$10 million already spent.

He has also been rapped for victimizing staff and allegedly awarding tenders to an unregistered company (Wild Africa Travel) owned by NTB’s board chairperson.

“How will board members who are owners of tourism businesses serve the country without them doing all they can as well as allocating the marketing budget to suite their businesses or even during international trade fares?” the workers queried. 

They have expressed a vote of no confidence in /Naobeb and want him charged for misconduct.

The workers also want fair salary increments saying that a latest PWC salary survey showed that  they were the lowest paid in the market. 

Meanwhile the workers were led by NAPWU in their demonstration at NTB offices and have demanded reply to their petition within the next five days from the day of their demo.

Failure to reply will see them taking to the streets or possibly filing a dispute case with eh Labour Commissioner