Fisheries to consider granting fishing rights to veterans

01 Jul 2018 18:00pm

Fisheries minister, Bernard Esau has said that the ministry will consider granting fishing rights to liberation veterans registered with the Namibian National Liberation Veterans Association (NNLVA). 

This will be done with the line ministry of veterans’ affairs through the Individual Veterans Project once the fisheries ministry has come to a conclusion on the matter.  

“There will be an evaluation committee to process applications. We have considered the request of the veterans. I do not want to pre-empt anything, we are looking into it. Whatever the outcome, it will be done through the ministry of veteran’s affairs. We will work out a strategy from the programs put in place for veterans such as the veterans’ project and hopefully we will come to an amicable solution so that veterans will also benefit from the fishing quotas,” said fisheries minister Bernard Esau. 

 Furthermore, the president of NNLVA, Ben Shikongo said the association has been approached by people who have vessels but they want to be advised by the minister.  

“We need to be advised so that we do not lose out at the end of the day. What can happen is that the people can promise to give the association a share but in the end they can decide not to, that is way we are trying to involve all the stakeholders,” he said.

He added that it will be highly appreciated if the veterans are included in the fishing shares as some of them do not have any income.