Keetmanshoop Municipality to propose increase in electricity tariffs

29 Jun 2018 16:10pm
KEETMANSHOOP, 29 JUN (NAMPA) – The Keetmanshoop Municipality and Keetmanshoop Electricity Business Unit (KEBU) is in the process of proposing an increase of 1,4 per cent in electricity tariffs to the Electricity Control Board (ECB).
This came out in a community meeting held on Thursday at the St Mathias Primary School hall in the Krönlein residential area, attended by around 25 people.
The community meeting was also held at Westdene on Wednesday, however the meeting that was supposed to take place on Tuesday at Tseiblaagte was cancelled as the community did not turn up.
Speaking at Thursday's meeting, Keetmanshoop Mayor, Gaudentia Kröhne said the reason why the municipality and KEBU decided to hold the meetings was to raise awareness that the electricity tariff might increase. She said the community should know of that decision before it is proposed to ECB and also for the community to express themselves about the new tariffs.
“We do not want you to be surprised by our decision, we do not want you to just see the electricity tariffs going up without us informing you,” Krohne said.
KEBU is an independently run unit of the municipality and operates in partnership with Erongo RED.
Human Capital and Corporate Services Manager of Erongo RED, Bennie Nangolo conducted the presentation, which aimed to explain the effects of the new tariffs, once put in place.
Nangolo told the community that recently, bulk supplier NamPower increased its electricity tariff with 5 per cent and that is why KEBU decided to increase the tariff at least by 1,4 per cent for them to keep the business going and pay for maintenance.
“But we should remember that this is just a proposed increase, it does not mean that ECB will agree to it, they might decrease or increase it, they are to make the final decision,” Nangolo explained.
He also encouraged those present at the meeting to consult KEBU about the capacity of electricity in their homes. He emphasised that many customers have large capacity of electricity not needed in their homes, causing the electricity bills to be high.
“Consult KEBU for them to see what type of capacity you need in your house, so that they will decrease it or increase as to how much you need and that enables you to save money,” Nangolo urged.