ACC not in favor of senior executive member - Prime Minister

28 Jun 2018 14:50pm

Prime Minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila in parliament last week, said that the accusation that the Anti-Corruption Commission is a toothless bull dog against senior executive members is devoid of any truth.

Kuugongelwa-Amadhila made these remarks when she delivered a statement on the impact of corruption on the country’s economy and the effectiveness of current efforts to deal with it. 

“It is clear that the alleged institutional bias of the ACC is in favor of senior executive members is devoid of any truth. I must also point out that it is this house that exercises oversight of the ACC and not the executive. Besides the appointment and discharge authority for the commissions head and deputy resting with this house. It is to this house that the commission reports and not the executives,” she said. 

She added that establishment of an ad hoc parliament committee is not advisable and parliament can instead make use of one of its standing committees to review the issue of effectiveness of ACC systems and the compliance of the enforcement institutions. 

Kuugongelwa -Amadhila also stated that the prosecutor general will in term of powers granted in him or her under the law decide whether or not the person accused should be prosecuted after considering the matter Referred by the ACC. 

“It is therefore not correct that the commission can simply opt not to act on a matter because it relates to a person who holds a senior executive office. The government is bound under the ACC Act to act on reports not determine whether a person who is alleged to have committed a corrupt act should be prosecuted or not,” she said. 

She added that on the alleged inaction of the commission against senior executive members who are accused of corruption this allegations is negated in fact and in terms of the ACCC reports all cases brought to its attention are followed up and acted upon as per the provision of the ACC Act.