'Children should be informed of dangers of drug and alcohol abuse': Boois

27 Jun 2018 11:50am
BERSEBA, 27 JUN (NAMPA) – Parents should educate their children about the devastating effects of drugs and alcohol, Berseba Constituency Regional Councillor David Boois has said.
The councillor said young people should also learn to deal with life’s challenges without resorting to substance abuse for comfort.
He made the remarks in a statement read on his behalf at the commemoration of the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking at the Berseba community hall on Tuesday.
“It is also essential that parents, teachers, communities and the youth themselves are educated about the signs and symptoms of substance abuse so that they can identify the early signs and refer the affected persons for help as soon as possible,” he said.
Boois said drug and alcohol abuse often lead to declining grades, high absenteeism and to learners dropping out of school, as well as involvement in crime and gang-related activities.
“Let us all prioritise the support, education, health and protection of our children and youth… and work together to safeguard their health and secure a future for them,” he added.
The councillor also emphasised that despite continuous efforts by the international community to control drug use and misuse, drugs continue to constitute a serious threat to public health.
The Ministry of Health and Social Services commemorated the day under the theme ‘Listen first - listening to children and youth is the first step to help them grow healthy and safe’.
Over 100 people gathered to commemorate the day at Berseba.