Nascam agrees to engage DJs on licence fees

27 Jun 2018 10:10am
WINDHOEK, 27 JUN (NAMPA) – The Namibian Society of Composers and Authors of Music (Nascam) has agreed to engage Namibian disc jockeys (DJs) who are displeased with the N.dollars 800 deejaying licence fee.
Two months ago, local media reported that Nascam would persecute or fine DJs who are found playing music without a deejaying licence.
Nascam says the N.dollars 800 annual fee must be paid by all DJs as they play music they did not produce themselves.
They had a consultative meeting with local DJs on the matter here on Tuesday.
Nascam Copyright Licence Field Inspector, Herbert Wantenaar noted that the assumption that DJs would be paying for deejaying is wrong, as what they will be paying for is the Public Performance Music Licence.
“We are just calling it a deejaying licence to make it easier to understand, for example owning or having a jukebox is not called a jukebox licence, but a Public Performance Copyright Music License. We are making it easier for the people in that industry to understand it better as a jukebox licence, whether they are playing music from a radio or TV at a bar,” Wantenaar said.
The DJs however felt that the amount of N.dollars 800 was unreasonable and that consultations were not previously done to justify the amount.
They also questioned what the money would be used for.
In response, Nascam Board Member, Robert Shipanga said the fees will be distributed amongst the artist whose music is played.
“You can organise yourselves and select people amongst yourselves as we are open to discussing the licence fee,” he added.
Talking to Nampa, Shipanga explained that they do not know how many DJs there are currently, which is why the consultation was held to assist Nascam in registering them and to determine how many have paid the licence fees.
Nascam is a collective management organisation which administers the rights of musicians in Namibia.