Mushelenga accused of ignoring Kai !Akhoen Hai//om San of Otjiwarongo

21 Jun 2018 08:50am
OTJIWARONGO, 21 JUN (NAMPA) - The Kai !Akhoen Hai//om San of Otjiwarongo have accused Minister of Urban and Rural Development Peya Mushelenga of ignoring them.
Chief Ananias Soroseb along with 20 junior and senior traditional councillors told Nampa here Tuesday that efforts to meet Mushelenga since February this year have failed.
Soroseb said they want to meet the minister to discuss his application for recognition as a traditional chief. This application was made to the ministry in 2011.
“The minister does not want to meet with us or listen to me and my followers on the issue of our recognition by Government,” he said.
He said late Chief Captain Fritz Aribeb #Arebeb, who was killed in 1904 by armed German forces at his homestead in the area of Okorusu where he is buried under a tree, was his grandfather.
Gravesites of Chief #Arebeb and his two sons are at Okorusu, and their royal lineage is well-known among the Kai !Akhoen Hai//om San community, he continued.
Soroseb noted that his grandfather was the overall leader of the 12 tribes of the Hai//om San, making him a Hai//Om San royal and he should thus be recognised by Government.
Upon enquiry Wednesday, Mushelenga acknowledged attempts by Soroseb to see him.
Mushelenga stated that Soroseb’s application was disapproved and correspondence in writing was sent to him in April 2012, March 2013 and also in 2015.
“There is therefore no need to meet Soroseb with his traditional councillors over the same issue of recognition if there is nothing new to it,” Mushelenga pointed out.
The minister concluded that Chief David //Khamuxab who is based at Seringkob in the Kunene Region, is the official Hai//om San traditional leader whom Government recognised as such in July 2004.