Four Rehoboth accused attempted murder case postponed to July

20 Jun 2018 17:30pm
REHOBOTH, 20 JUN (NAMPA) - Four men who are accused of attempted murder for beating and stabbing a man here, made their fourth appearance before the Rehoboth Magistrate’s court on Wednesday.
Wilfred Africa, Daniel Mouton, Nelson Dausab and Debra Kondo appeared before Magistrate Andre Matulich, who postponed the case to 04 July 2018.
It is alleged that they beat up a man with planks and stabbed him with a knife in Rehoboth’s Block G.
The victim sustained serious injuries and was rushed to the Windhoek Central Hospital for treatment.
The four accused were represented by Winnie Christiaans on private instructions.
Christiaans asked for a further remand in order to obtain a medical record from the doctor who operated on the victim and also asked for the disclosure of the investigations and the trial date to be fixed during the next appearance.
Public Prosecutor Victor Mutumbulwa appeared for the state.
The accused are on bail and warned to be present for the next court date.