NSFAF rules out Nghiwete in ACC probe letter

19 Jun 2018 14:40pm

The Namibia Financial Assistant Fund has finally reacted to a leaked letter calling for an Anti-Corruption Commission investigation into possible fraud and corruption and management and has ruled out any possibility of suspended chief executive officer, Hilya Nghiwete,  authoring it. 

The Villager this week published an article on the said letter in which several staff members including the fund’s acting CEO, Kennedy Kandume are accused of putting the company into disrepute via corruption and mismanagement.

The letter also sensationally claims that several named students are benefiting from the fund via entering into “romantic” relationships with the fund’s top guns.

However, top management has come out to say an analysis they conducted shows that it was neither authored by junior staff members as the letter states, nor any of the fund’s current employee including Nghiwete.

“We are a living institution, people do come people do go. Now we have some people that are not working for this particular institution but they worked for this particular institution. That’s why we are saying we are confident that this is not from our current staff members. Therefore our conviction is that this particular author  is not really our current employee,” said Chief Human Capital and Corporate Affairs Olavi Hamwele.

He dismissed all the allegations contained in the letter and called for the ACC to come and investigate the fund telling journalists that the fund was not there to defend itself otherwise people would not believe them.  

Some of the allegations are that Kandume and other staff members use company cars for non-business related activities like picking kids from school as well as adding “connected students” who would not have qualified on the list of beneficiaries.

“When you analyse it you will realise that it’s trying to cast some doubt on the present management. The letter creates an impression that the present management team is incompetent. It is not the case at all,” he said.

He advised the public that the present leadership was committed to the continuous improvement to business processes within the organisation. 

He said the letter creates an impression that NSFAF junior members are not happy which is a fallacy.

“They understand and they know the procedures and the platforms that are created within the organisation for them  to air their concerns  if they have any or to raise their grievances. So there is no truth in this particular document that is suggesting that there are no platforms,” he said. 

The letter was penned on the 4th of June and the fund only received via DHL  on the 7th of this month, Hamwele said. 

Then fund’s acting CEO has however said they have scored a number of achievements including the completion of the 2018 award process while award letters are being finally processed. 

 He said 9n 726 applicants have been selected for financial assistance while an additional 4 480 have been made in favour for VTC second intake bringing the total number to 14 206. 

“For 2019 the plan is underway to start application processes as early as September 2019 so that by the time of registration all successful students would have their award letters,” he said.