NIP ceo Katiti suspended

18 Jun 2018 18:20pm

The Namibia Institute of Pathology has suspended its chief executive officer, Augustinus Katiti effective immediately, following alleged transgressions committed by him.

In a letter from the board dated 18 June 2018, the board said it concluded to suspend Katiti after consultations with health minister Bernard Haufiku and State owned enterprises minister Leon Jooste.

Katiti has who has been suspended under the terms of the NIP disciplinary code and procedures has been directed to hand over company property and to make himself available at the call of his employer.

He has also been advised not to leave the Windhoek district during, “normal working days without the permission of the chairperson of the board”.

The suspended ceo has been conditioned from issuing any press releases or communicating with the media.


…more to follow