Road accidents a pressing concern for Namibia: Isaack

15 Jun 2018 08:40am
REHOBOTH, 15 JUN (NAMPA) – Despite frequent campaigns on road safety, road crashes continue to cause hardship and loss of lives in the country and remains a pressing concern for Namibia, Hardap Governor Esme Isaack has said.
She made the remarks in an interview with Nampa on Wednesday, following three fatal accidents with nine fatalities reported last week in the Hardap Region.
Isaack alluded the situation could either be due to the quality or competence of drivers on the national roads becoming questionable, thus requiring authorities responsible for testing of drivers to implement stringent measures. She said policies related to driver license requirements need to be reviewed.
“Another underlying factor for single vehicle crashes would be impaired driving, which include fatigue or drunk driving. Drivers should plan their trips and have enough rest before taking on long journeys,” Isaack stressed.
Passengers, the governor advised, also need to play their part by refraining from boarding overloaded vehicles.
Vehicle owners must take proper care and maintenance of their vehicles as components such as tyres require replacements from time to time and not doing so compromises on unnecessary loss of lives, she continued.
She further warned livestock owners to keep their animals from roaming the national roads as reports from the Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Fund indicate that nine crashes involving animals caused at least 10 injuries in the region from 01 January to 12 June this year.
“I commend the MVA Fund for investing in accident and injury prevention measures. As a region we will do all in our power with the available resources to clamp down on non-compliance to traffic laws and ensure safe travelling and walking for all,” Isaack concluded.
According to the MVA Fund, so far this year, at least 1 571 crashes, 2 563 injuries and 226 fatalities were recorded countrywide.
Hardap accounts for 78 crashes, 144 injuries and 18 fatalities, marking a 6 per cent decline in crashes, 27 per cent in injuries and 10 per cent in fatalities compared to the same period last year.
MVA Fund noted that 67 per cent of the crashes happened between 12h00 and 00h00.