Drama unfolds as two men claim paternity over one child

14 Jun 2018 14:40pm

Two men are at each others’ throats fighting over the paternity of a child born to a Katima Mulilo based police officer identified only as Sharon Mukena.

The saga reached The Villager this week when a Zambian based business man, Macbean Kabwandi, made sensational allegations that Mukena was denying him the right to see his child which came as result of an extra-marital affair.

Speaking from his Zambia base, Macbean said he met Mukena when she cleared one of his trucks at the border after which a relationship blossomed some time between 2010 and 2011.

Although he alleges that Mukena was single around that time, he admitted that he was aware that she was seeing another man at the same time who was based in Ondangwa.

“She would invite me to sleep at her house. I knew she was not married, but she was seeing somebody who was married. She got pregnant in June last year and my child was born this year in March. Apart from photos, I never saw my child,” he claimed.

Macbean has also come out to say that Mukena openly told him that she would give the child to the man she was seeing and even go to the extent of naming it after him.

“It is not strange that Sharon had such a hidden motive, her other child does not know who her biological father is. How sad! And the mother sees this as normal. How cold hearted can one be,” he said.

When The Villager tracked down Mukena, she handed over the phone to her husband who shot back at Kabwandi’s allegations as nothing but false and that he was suing him for raping his wife.

“But how did he know that because the kid was just born now? Sharon is married to me; (I am) legally married to her.  And I don’t know why that man is claiming that!” he fumed.

The man, who did not identify himself by name, said he got legally married to Mukena in 2013 and that he is now hunting after the Zambian.

“When Sharon even got pregnant, she told me, then the guy even confirmed that ok they were in love or whatsoever. But now before he met with Sharon or whatsoever Sharon was already pregnant. We are even looking for him. Sharon wants to open a case against him. If he is still insisting like that, I am busy with arrangements so that I can open a case against him and then from there he should come and prove if the kid is his,” he lashed before telling The Villager to stop calling his wife.

He also claimed that the Zambian threatened to come for “his child’: “I invited him, no problem, come. And then he just told me no it’s ok you can take the child.”

Pressed on whether he had done any paternal test to verify whether the child was his since another man had shown up to claim him, Mukena’s husband brushed the question off.

“How does it come to you that one? That one is between me and my wife. That’s why we are saying we are busy. We can not reveal that one to you. If that guy comes, we are waiting for him!” he said.

However, the Zambian has told The Villager that he will not give up until he gets his child back.

“I will claim what is mine immediately. This Sharon Mukena thinks she can get away with it just like that. Never! Not with my son! I have all the telephone text exchanges, some as old as 2011.”

He has bashed Mukena’s husband for clinging to other men’s offspring asking him to rather produce his own.

He also said that he has the ability to take care of his child, and did not like the idea of Mukena’s husband having to possibly give the child a “regular education”.

“I don’t think my child is safe. I don’t understand what he is planning,” he said.