Security guards at Otjiwarongo down tools over outstanding salaries

14 Jun 2018 16:20pm
OTJIWARONGO, 14 JUN (NAMPA) - Security guards working for a company contracted by the Ministry of Health and Social Services at Otjiwarongo downed tools on Thursday over outstanding salaries.
They alleged that they have not been paid for between two and three months and are owed between N.dollars 4 000 and N.dollars 6 000.
Ombandje Security Company employs 23 security guards who guard the Otjiwarongo State Hospital, the regional health directorate’s offices and clinics in the DRC informal settlement and Orwetoveni.
Virinao Korukuve, who is stationed at the hospital, said things have been difficult for the past three months without a salary, and yet he reports for duty on time every day.
“I am hungry and my blood pressure just shoots up when I start thinking of the rent, accounts and people I owe,” he said.
Another guard, Nancy Katupose called on Government to force security companies to pay its workers on time.
“How should I stand at the DRC clinic, guarding with hunger and financial problems and you expect me to do my job properly?” she asked.
Maria Martin, who is also stationed at the Otjiwarongo State Hospital, said she will not return to the hospital until she is paid.
The owner of Ombandje Security Company, Kahende Kaumuii Kaure in a telephonic interview on Thursday admitted to not being able to pay the security guards for at least two months.
He blamed it on the Ministry of Health and Social Services that he said has failed to pay him for services rendered.
“You can call them, they have not paid me and that is why my workers are also not paid what is due to them,” said Kaure.
A senior official dealing with the payments of security companies in the ministry told Nampa on condition of anonymity they are aware of the situation at Ombandje.
The official said they are waiting for the Ministry of Finance to release the money for the 2018/19 financial year so they can process the security company’s claims.
The official said they hope it will be released before the end of June.